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A Musicians Abroad European Performance Tour is typically two weeks in duration and takes the group to several European countries. We offer a few options of tours that have proven success, or we can create a personalized tour for your state or region. Our tours have scheduled departures during the summer months, usually in June and into early July.

A Musicians Abroad tour provides time for sightseeing, local culture, shopping and cuisine. Planes, trains and coaches will all be utilized during your tour. Made up of the top music directors in your state or region, Musicians Abroad selects educators with proven success and a commitment to encouraging students to be their best.


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The Process Begins

Tour preparation begins about 19 months prior to the departure date. Music educators in each state or region are asked to nominate their finest students, based not only on their musical skills, but also their character and displayed leadership. Each nominated student is sent a personalized invitation to join Musicians Abroad and asked to attend one of a series of local meetings during the spring prior to the tour.

During the meeting, nominated students and their parent or guardian are given specifics about the tour and costs associated with the trip. Students then register and begin preparing for the tour. Regular communication is provided to students and parents. During the spring of the tour, the ensemble typically gathers for Musician Abroad Day to meet one another, receive music, part assignments and a first rehearsal.

Fast forward to the time for the tour when the group arrives for 3-4 days of a pre-tour camp, often on a college campus. During pre-tour camp, ensembles rehearse and hone their performance skills. At the conclusion of camp, family and friends are invited to attend a Bon Voyage Concert. Shortly thereafter, the group travels to their departure airport for an overnight, overseas flight and the start of their once-in-a-lifetime International Music Experience!


Memories from a trip with Musicians Abroad


Performers, faculty and staff will be housed in top quality hotels throughout the tour. All participants must have a current passport and all faculty and staff members and parents, guardians or chaperones traveling with the group are required to pass a background check prior to acceptance into the program.

A Music Travel Consultants tour director and additional guides from Europe will be with the tour from start to finish. The group will move about the tour by motorcoach, planes and sometimes a ferry or train ride. All ticketing will be provided by MTC.

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